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Sunday, June 3rd 2007

10:17 PM

(From the SCOTSMAN)

Singer cancels concerts after going down with flu

CROONER Joe Longthorne has had to cancel tomorrow's show at the Usher Hall after coming down with the flu.

The 51-year-old singer and comedian, who shot to fame in 1981's Search for a Star, has cancelled his shows over the weekend because of illness.

The performer's immune system was shattered after a bone marrow transplant helped him to recover from leukaemia.

"He is susceptible to pretty much anything, which is a shame, but quite a few of the crew have got the flu and so we've had to cancel a lot of gigs," said agent David Halford. "Generally he has been making a great recovery and he's probably back to about 90 per cent of full fitness, but it's a shame he has had to cancel these shows.

"We are trying to rearrange some of them but because the Usher Hall is closing for refurbishment soon it could be difficult finding another time."

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